Hernandez LawnCare & Maintenance - Residential Landscape & Hardscape Specialists
 Hernandez Lawn Care & Maintenance offer- you home owner, the business or
 Commercial Properties a completed inventory of essential landscaping service
 and more.
  •  Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance.
  •  Retaining walls- all products, (natural stone, concrete blocks, etc)
  •  Pavers, Patios and walkways- all products.
  •  Full Turf Management year round.
  •  Sod installation and Turf fertilization year round.
  •  Drainage evaluation, Design and Installation
  •  Grading and Erosion Control.
  •  Landscape Lighting
  •  Pergolas, Fencing and Decking.
  •  Stone work
  •  Tree Removal.
  • Snow Removal

Hernandez Lawn Care & Maintenance
Residential & Commercial
3629 Eastern Branch Rd - Raleigh, NC 27610
Business Hours are Monday Through Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
(919) 520-0764
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